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    The Christ was reborn into Sydney Australia in Rothschild Ave Rosebery. Rothschild the man today, is satan in the flesh that has caused the world to become a prison planet and is the ruler of the evil ones who rule mankind through the minds of white men being ” the elite” royalty of Europe.

    Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, Jesus Christ, is the most Royal Man on the earth and at the time of the end will take up the Throne of David which is today the Throne of England.

    The Christ wants the world to wake up now to His presence on the planet. Come out of the churches and DO good. Unnecessary death and destruction is reigning through the ignorance of His Presence, God is Love not war. He is getting impatient with the stupidity and arrogance of men who refuse to believe the miraculous proofs He demonstrates of Who He is.

    Go to the YouTube and learn of Him, He is humble and easy to learn of. Search His name, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall and spread the word. Do not be ashamed and do not hold back, tell people, direct them to the YouTube.