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When you are travelling to magical, exotic, amazingly beautiful locations, at times you tend to get just a little lost in regards to buying souvenirs. Your mind is understandably preoccupied with going on excursions, trying the exclusive flavours from the state’s delicacies, and also enjoying the countless adventures which are unique to the state. In terms of a satisfying mix of all these traveler’s endeavors, New Zealand takes the prize and their souvenirs are a reflection of what they have to offer. So, when you return home from your excursions having the typical tourist souvenirs like shirts and key chains from a country as remarkable as New Zealand, you're certain you’ve overlooked something from the excursion.

From Queensland to Christchurch, from Auckland to Kerikeri, buying New Zealand mementos is not your typical adventure. With each shop you will stop by, you’ll discover unusual pieces of art that depict the wonderful tradition and also splendor of this wonderful region. There are decorative and functional potteries, unique paintings, beautiful fabric art, fine glass art, handmade jewelry, and Maori wood art. Every piece is a remarkable evidence of the distinctive artistry and refined technique of New Zealand’s people. Evidently, you won't be seeing dull t-shirts and key chains over these parts.