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    Opening to Lo mejor de Chespirito Vol. 1 2003 DVD

    Sergio Garcia

    by Sergio Garcia

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    Here's the opening to Lo mejor de Chespirito 2003 DVD:

    1. DVD Main Menu in Spanish
    2. Spanish DVD Warring
    3. Televisa Home Entertainment
    4. Xenon Pictures
    5. Opening Scene of "Lo mejor de Chespirito"

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    In 1970 the series "Chespirito" aired in Mexico, conceived as different "Sketches" of comedy in this space the public enjoy beloved characters as Dr. Chapatin, Los Chifladitos and Chaparrón Bonaparte. "Chespirito" is the birthplace of the popular "Chapulin Colorado" and a year later, "Chavo del Ocho" Both characters were so deeply rooted in the public, that the station decided to give the characteristic of each series to primetime. The series opened the doors of international mercad Mexican television. In 1973, these programs were broadcast and first audience, and have continued for 25 years uninterrupted. Currently the series is broadcast throughout Latin America and Spain.