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    The June 21st 2012 Visit


    by AntiCPSMom

    This video documents our last visit with our boys (the June 21st visit).
    Our sons had shabby looking t-shirts that were not that clean, though they did not look super old like other clothing which Ana has put on them, the shirts did not look so new either. Wencito said to my husband during the beginning of the visit that Ana does not treat him well. By the way, I had a lot of trouble uploading this video as the hacker was at first impeding me from doing so.
    With regard to the enthusiasm shown by the social workers for fluoride-laden toothpaste, I can only state that it worries me greatly as I have educated myself in that topic ( as I have with vaccines and nutrition) and I know that there are doctors and scientists who have spoken out against fluoridation, Go to the URLs below:

    The info is there for any open-minded person to analyze and to do their own research on the topic.
    I did not put all the audio of the visit in this video, for I plan to cover another topic in the future and will place it then.

    Note: I wish to correct an error which I made in this video. I misspelled the term "Fluorosis", and instead wrote" Fluoridosis". When I realized the error it was too late to change it.

    Note: The first upload attempt of this video was hacked and failed because stalking Ana does not want it to be uploaded. Some more images proving hacking are at the URLs below:

    Crazy Ana Hacks Browser On June 24th At 12:53 PM

    Obsessed Ana's Hacker Friends Hack My Upload On June 24th At 8:42 PM

    Obsessed Ana Is Attacking My Browser To Impede Video Upload On June 24th At 8:49 PM