Weekly Address: Congress Must Act on Student Loans

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President Obama discusses the urgent need for Congress to act now on two common sense measures to help middle class families: preventing interest rates on federal student loans from going up and putting hundreds of thousands of construction workers back on the job.
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Producer : Whitehouse

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The country’s economy right now is on a rocky road. A lot of families have been struggling just to make ends meet. This should be a great advantage but why is it that most families still struggle today? Some say it’s because overconsumption or it is because of lack skills in handling money? It’s great that the president is looking into student loans. Education isn’t cheap nowadays. Kids have been loaning left and right just have their tuition fees paid. Even students are allowed to work freely, but still they have found it hard to control the money that they have. Even a cash advance (http://cashstop.com.au) can’t resolve this one.
By Alan Johnston 3 years ago