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    Upside Down Fan Built Using a Helicopter

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Upside Down Fan Built Using a Helicopter - as part of the series on arts by GeoBeats.

    Italian industrial designer, Raffaele Iannello created the upside down ceiling fan which made its debut at the 2012 Milan design week. The ‘fan’ is essentially an overturned shiny, black, vintage helicopter, the four propellers serving as ceiling fan blades. The scale model was built to replicate the well-known Hughes MD 500 helicopters that have the ability to perform amazing tricks in the sky, including flying upside down. The helicopter exterior body is constructed of fiberglass, the blades from carbon fiber and the interior base from aluminum. A remote is included with the helicopter fan allowing the owner the control the three speed motor to activate the propellers.

    This designer is certainly no stranger to creativity. One of the recent projects, the ‘Airplane Shambles’ light, appears to mimic a swarm of paper airplanes. The suspended planes are hand folded, made from sheets of laser cut steel. There is also a ‘Pinocchio Toilet Brush’. Pinocchio’s hat serves as a handle and as if an expanding nose wasn’t punishment enough, that same nose has the task of cleaning the potty.