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    Austin, Tx Workshops with Brian Mahan, Somatic Experiencing


    by LVRodriguez275

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    How can you tell if you are just stressed out from your current circumstances or if there is a more systemic issue resulting from unresolved past traumatic events? Watch this video to see how Oprah's struggle with her weight puts it all into perspective.

    Dr. Peter Levine has cracked the code! His books have been translated into 22 languages and he recently received a Life Time Achievement Award from The United States Association for Body Psychotherapy for his ground breaking work, Somatic Experiencing™.

    HOW TO REACH ME for more information or to set up a session on Skype:

    Dial: +1 (310) 912-3535
    SMS Longcode: Text your name, email, website to +1 (310) 912-3535
    SMS Shortcode: Text the keyword 57246, your name and your email to 58885
    Dial Toll-Free +1 (866) 603-3995 and enter PIN #: 57246
    Email your phone number to
    Skype: SomaticExperience

    Brian Mahan, SEP
    Body Centered Therapist
    Specializing in guiding survivors of past traumatic events through a proven, simple process to resolve stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, self-sabotage and PTSD and to feel safe, joyful and in control of their lives again.