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    Youjo's Art 1/2012 - 6/2012

    Papyrus Blood

    by Papyrus Blood

    Most of my art since the year started, up to my last uploads this month. This isn't a dramatically early yearly "Best of" showcase. I'm doing bi-yearly "check point". The second will be in Dec, and the Best Of 2012 show will be in Dec, or Jan. I get to show off more, and it gives my chan more activity. Win - Win!

    I took up Skull Girls this! You'd think my favorite character would be Ms. Fortune, but it turns out to be Peacock. Ms. Fortune is one of my favorite, to a lesser priority. If you want to take up this fandom, I'll warn you - most of the people in it on Tumblr are mean, uppity, and in the Home Stuck fandom.



    I always love the smooth homies on Newgrounds! I know I need to get more music, because I've already started having the same songs repeatedly.