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    Zaroorat Part-1


    by Rajshri

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    Two underworld crime bosses, Locha Lapacha (Razak Khan) and Karim Kata (Shakti Kapoor) carry out notorious sex rackets in the city. Many innocent women are lured into their traps and forced into prostitution. Geeta, a young journalist decides to fight back after being brutally assaulted and raped by one of Locha's pimp. She starts targeting pimps in the city and sets out on a killing spree. The police are baffled by the string of murders and leading the investigation is Inspector Shekar ( Hemant Birje). While the murders result in a gang war between Locha and Karim, what violent end is installed for the criminals in the city? Can Geeta's vigilante bring an end to prostitution in the city?