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    Amy MacDonald interview (part 4)


    door FaceCulture

    Amy MacDonald about Taking year of, bandmembers, simple things, Glasgow, football, best compliment, the year 2012

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    Video interview with Scottish singer-songwriter Amy MacDonald. FaceCulture spoke to Amy about anxiety, excitement, having the time, third album Life In A Beautiful Light, first song on the radio, demo This Is The Life, memories, key moments, the route of her career, the difference between second and third album, touring, pressure, going home for one year, inspiration, writing process, subject matters, the songs Pride, Human Spirit and 4th of July, normal life, being in control, be honest, feedback, playing new songs, friends at home, her band and crew, simple things, Glasgow, football, best compliment and the year 2012. (25/05/2012)