Learn Kathak - Chakkar (Spins) - Pali Chandra

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Learn Kathak -- Pali Chandra

PALI CHANDRA - As a Performer
Pali Chandra is an internationally acclaimed, well renowned exponent of the Indian classical dance form of Kathak. Highly trained in classical Kathak by late Guru Vikram Singh, Pandit Ram Mohan Maharaj and Mrs. Kapila Raj of Lucknow and Delhi Gharanas, Pali has imbibed a vivid imagination and a sense of rhythm in her dance that very gracefully is entertaining as well as educational.

As a performing artist of classical and contemporary Kathak, she was recognized for her outstanding performance and was awarded the prestigious Lachhu Maharaj Award significantly given to artists who acquire the skill and expertise of 'Abhinaya' -- Art of expression.

To share her knowledge and experience gathered over the years and help people express themselves through dance, Pali tailors her training courses to individual needs. Using a combination of unbiased assessment, effective teaching skills and acting as mentor and facilitator, she has helped students perform on prestigious platforms and compete internationally.

PALI CHANDRA - As a Choreographer

Pali, in her creative journey, blends Kathak with diverse cross cultural art forms through inspiring and interesting collaborations, hence, creating an extensive repertoire of fusion dance and art forms. Her collaborative work extends and fuses with dance forms like Flamenco, Tap, Western Contemporary, Ballet and Bharatnatyam. These collaborations are not restricted to merely skill sharing, or techniques but also the ideologies of the dance forms. She truly believes that dance is a universal language to deal with all international issues.

Pali Chandra's accolades and achievements include the Opening Ceremony of the Millennium Dome -- London titled Under One Sky, In the Shadow of the Hills -- Millennium Dome -- Honoured at the House of Commons in Westminster Abbey for this production which involved 40 schools in 5 boroughs. She has also performed for the Queen of England at the Westminster Abbey; Edinburg Festival, Dance Umbrella -- Slough -- UK, Luton Dance Festival, Midlands Arts -- Festival, Birmingham Dance Exchange, Purcels -- Southbank's London, Commonwealth Institutes -- Kensington, Bharti Vidya Bhavan -- London, Harrow Arts Centre, Saare Jahan Se Achha - Paul Robson Theatre with Jagjit Singh, Royal Albert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, Ireland and many more.

Artist Profile
History of Kathak
Natya Karma
Nritta & Nritya
Gharanas of Kathak
Guru Vandana
Vishnu Vandana
Shiva Vandana
Krishna Vandana


StudentL Dr. prarthana

Music Composer & Sitarist : B. Sivaramakrishna Rao

Vocal : Mrs. Lalitha Sharma, Mr. Vishal Chandra

Tabla : Chandrajith

Cinematography : Gopi Sabapathy (Dop), Anand, Vishwa

Editing and Mixing : Praveen D'Souza

Live Audio Mixing & Engineering : Prem C.H. Eshwar & Rajesh

Concept & Direction : B. Sivaramakrishna Rao & B. Arunasivaramakrishna Rao