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    Gamification: At the Forefront of Meaningful Enterprise



    Gamification: At the Forefront of Meaningful Enterprise
    The Gamification Summit - The Concourse Exhibition Center
    What's next for gamification? The field is clearly developing into a substantial industry in its own right. From almost no activity in 2009, today’s gamification community numbers in the thousands, with hundreds of millions in revenue and investment, dozens of focused startups and countless lives improved. There’s no doubt that a more gameful future awaits us – but what form will it take? Will marketing and enterprise foci continue their separate paths, or will they merge? Will health gamification live up to its promise of changing the wellness of society, or will behavior change be short-acting and easily forgotten in the face of temptation? What areas will see the greatest interest, investment and success in the coming year? Join expert, author and GSummit chair Gabe Zichermann for a fast-paced discussion of the future ahead, and learn how you can help shape this exciting industry."