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    'Game of Thrones Ascent': The 'Antisocial' Social Game



    'Game of Thrones Ascent': The 'Antisocial' Social Game
    The Gamification Summit - The Concourse Exhibition Center
    Entrepreneur Jon Radoff presents Media Gamification: Game of Thrones. How has the entertainment and media business evolved over recent years to embrace the seismic shocks coming from social media and mobile devices? Forget what you learned a year ago, because the world has already changed again–and there’s plenty to learn about, whether you’re an entertainment executive or would like to learn how to adapt entertainment techniques to your own business. Here, Jon Radoff will share some of the top lessons learned from his experiences from working with top brands including 50 Cent and HBO (Game of Thrones Ascent): the most successful products are those that realize that games can expand the customer’s experience, creating an engaging and entertaining social experience that allows fans to stay connected to the brands and worlds they love."