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    Xian (Great Again Thanks To Its Ancient Warriors)

    Tony Guida

    by Tony Guida

    Xian (Great Again Thanks To Its Ancient Warriors) Day 1 – “China–And How!” Part 4
    This is the first day of our visit to Xian, a city of 9,000,000+ in west central China. It covers October 16, 2001. We fly in from Shanghai. From the Xian Airport we go directly to the Shaanxi History Museum before checking into our hotel. Though the beautifully rendered Museum was inspired by Tang Dynasty architecture, it was completed, to wide acclaim, only recently. Xian, located on the Old Silk Route was China's 1st metropolis and the 1st capital of a unified China. The Shaanxi History Museum cover the culture and civilization of Xian from prehistory, though its days as a glorious capital of China, and right up to the last Dyanasty. Some of the more than 100,000 excavated art objects in the Museum's collection are seen. Among them is the famous Zhonghsan stone Grotto with its 10,000 carved Buddhas. We leave the Shaanxi History Museum and bus to the very grand Grand New World Hotel in the heart of Xian. On route we pass through the ancient walls of the city. Our room affords fine panoramic views. In the evening we go to the Tang Dynasty Theater for dinner and an extraordinary should performed by China's Tang Dynasty Music & Dance Troupe that is said to be reminescent of performances 1000 years ago.

    A D Guida Video Productions (our Travel Diva Hessie + a d (tony to you) himself) visited China and Tibet in October 2011. This video was recorded in 1080 HD, 16:9 aspect. Rights are reserved. Non-commercial downloads ok. Anything else might be fine with attribution, but we would appreciate being contacted @ .

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