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    GIjoeFan1976's 2 BEST BUDS SUMMER 2011- Off to support Anita !!

    GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II

    by GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II

    Hello welcome to the 3rd Video for My series of videos I worked on thanks to many people and thanks to My Best Buddy Dave 1of3Kinghts.
    In this video we have a couple Firsts for both Dave, Myself, and Anita:D!!!

    You can see the first Video here on my other page
    GIjoeFan1976's intro for,,,,,,,2 BEST BUDS SUMMER 2011: the Beginning:D

    and you can see the second Video here on Dave's page
    1of3knights'...2 BEST BUDS SUMMER 2011: the Beginning ;)