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    by One800lessgas

    PLATINUM INJECTION SYSTEM IS AN EFFECTIVE FUEL SAVING DEVICE!!! As the Associate Judicial Officer found, The Platinum Injection System is an effective fuel saving device and purchasers will in fact be receiving what they bargained for. Federal Judge Walter J. Skinner

    Awards Inventor $22,747.50

    DELIVERED THROUGHOUT ALL THROTTLE POSITIONS!!! Platinum 22 - In order to make platinum universally viable in today's transportation world, we have refined the delivery system. We use a pump to deliver the catalyst directly into the air stream that feeds your engine's combustion process. This enhancement allows platinum to be consistently delivered throughout all throttle positions and makes it compatible with diesel engines, as well. For more info go to National Fuel Saver

    I'VE HAD EXCELLENT RESULTS!!! Platinum Fuel Saver

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