Zayn Malik's Pimping Islam?

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One Direction star Zayn Malik has been accused of 'pimping Islam' to young female fans in an outrageous online attack.

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zyan according to me is not pimping Islam he has the right to talk freely like other actors and expressed his feeling and tell his fans how he feels what he is doing his fans want to know about him every minute and by the way he has not forced any one to accept Islam or to listen about Islam u have not seen in the pimping Islam video that she was only telling the Muslims girls wearing scarfs only about his point of view about his religion because they also carried the same religion and the media has taken it wrong if he is pimping Islam by saying do the jihad or eid Mubarak then other celebrities are also pimping their religion by talking about their religion like they say marry chrism's etc
By Ayesha Max 2 years ago