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    by kiddsteeth1

    I APPRECIATE THE HARD WORK DONE IN THE OFFICE!! I appreciate the hard work done in the office. All staff are pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable and helpfull. Dr. Kotlow is great even with my most difficult child. Thank you to all!!

    THE TONGUE TIE WAS DIAGNOSED BY OUR LC AND DR. KOTLOW!! I was beyond grateful for the fact that we were able to acquire a appointment the day after we called. The tongue tie was diagnosed by our LC. In addition, we were so happy that Dr. Kotlow found her tongue tie and lip tie. Thank you thank you thank you

    WE FLEW IN FROM MN TO HAVE HIM TREAT MY DAUGHTER!! Dr. Kotlow is fantastic. We flew from MN to have him treat my daughters posterior tongue tie and tight lip frenum, also.

    THANK YOU!! Your office was wonderful we had a great experience and have/will continue to recommend you highly to other mothers. Thank you.