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    Robbery Shopping Basket and Standoff 156 West Lane Moncton


    by Ray

    Store on humphry street was robbed and witness seen men chasing suspect with a stick and beating him . Man ran to 156 West Lane where a stand off has been going on since 10:40am this morning . Man well known to RCMP . A relation showed up and gave the RCMP key to the house and tried to talk to the man but no luck at noon. J Division Emergency Response Team arrived around 3pm just a couple of them and then they came back in full force around supper time and perimeter was increased and public was moved further back from the scene. See 9 hour stand off ends in arrest to see what happened. how do you rob a bank in Oct 2007 and be out on the street to do it again so soon? Video aired on CTV , CBC & Global news.