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    Partridge in Hunting Camp


    by Ray

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    I was told there was a partridge that comes out when it hears people at this hunting camp, and that it takes about 5 minutes and all of a sudden it just appears and sure enough, after walking around for about 5 minutes looking for this bird we went in the camp and sat down and like out of nowheres the Partridge came walking up the road. It is hunting season in New Brunswick , but that didn't stop this very brave bird from not only coming around us but coming right into the camp. It follows you around like a pet dog, even likes to play . Many 4 wheelers go to this camp on friday and saturdays and the woman that owns the camp said the bird comes out visits with the people and won't leave until the last person drives off. Partridge has been doing this for the last month, and it made it on CTV news twice tonight. Camp is in Notre Dame, New Brunswick so if you see this very unique bird DON"T SHOOT:)