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    Shoes Fit for an Art Gallery

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Kobi Levi's Shoe Art Makes A Statement - as part of the product series by GeoBeats.

    It is said shoes reflect your personality. And you won't come across as dull while wearing shoes from Kobi Levi - an incredibly creative designer shoe line. There’s something for all the wacky shoe lovers out there, from animal inspired heels to beverage influenced footwear.

    Described as "Black hot coffee pouring from the white delicately decorated pot", coffee lovers can go for a coffee-porcelain heel. Not a coffee fan - there is a peeled banana flat.

    Sexy heels take on a whole new meaning with a pump titled, ‘Blow’ appearing like a women’s naked lower body with a feminine leg stretching up to the heel base.

    Then there's the ‘Blond Ambition’ detailing a blond ponytail located at the top and a microphone piece.

    Take the orca, killer whale sling back pumps. For a more aggressive sea mammal, there is also a shark pump. Men don't have to feel left out - there's ‘Mr. Orca’ and ‘Mr. Shark’.

    While the price range of $1000-$3000 puts them out of reach for many people, they are definitely fun, eccentric pieces.