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    How to get more facebook likes or fans (Social Media Marketing Tutorial)


    by acoolme

    168 views ( allows you to interact with Facebook users one by one to buy their likes.
    This kind of buying has following benefits . ...1) QUALITY:The process is built upon interaction and two-way communication so that you can always control the
    quality of your future Facebook fans.You even can screen out fake facebook profiles
    that were created for marketing purpose only.2)Word-Of-Mouth MARKETING:Since the profile you picked is a real and active Facebook user, and the friends of this user must
    be real and active too. His/her friends will be informed once the user becomes your fan. The word of marketing will really turn on a dime through social network.3)No Extra Cost: charge no fee to advertiser, feel free to post your project here.
    Step1: Signed in -- Click "Post Your Project"
    Step2: Select "Project Category" as "Facebook Likes"
    Step3: Fill out project detail information.
    Step4: 2 key import fields for facebook-likes project.
    Minimum number of influencer's Friend on Facebook:This field can be used to screen out fake facebook profile which is created for making money.
    Private:If you set one field as "private", then only signed
    in user can see it and google crawler can NOT index it
    The URL of advertiser's Facebook Business Page:Tell your future fans what is the URL for accessing your facebook business page, say

    Step5: Give some instructions to influencers for
    how to sumbit their finished work.
    Step6: You can even add your own fields to define your project detail.
    Step7: Click "Preview Your Project" then Click "Publish Your Project"
    THAT IS IT!!!
    Please Note: You Need To Deposit Fund Into Your Account For Publishing A Project.
    Once the influencers submit their finished work to you, you will get informed by Email.
    You can inspect the finished work within 7 days and you can deny the unqualified submission.
    Post Your Project Now(