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    10 years Muziekpublique | Tom Cohen & Benjamin Clement: Duet

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    Tom Cohen, is head conductor of The Mediterranean Andalusian Orchestra (Ashkelon), The Andalus orchestra (Montreal) and The MED Orchestra (Brussels). As conductor, arranger, composer and musical adviser, he worked with some of the world biggest names. He is considered to be one of the most fascinating Mandolin Players around, developing a unique way of playing on an instrument specially built for him, by international luthier Boaz ElKayam. His music is a blend of influences shaped by a long experience in the Classical, Andalus, Balkan and Oriental World. Together with Benjamin Clement, they recently formed this duo that plays mostly Tom’s compositions, described by Canadian media as Mediterranean Gypsy Jazz. The piece "Duet" was written by Tom together with his good friend and guitarist "Ezequiel Jait" and moves between different genres and moods...