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    3000 Hay Bale Fire, Route 880 2nd North River NB


    by Ray

    District 11 RCMP Officer told me the fire started around 3:30am this morning, you could see the smoke from the Trans Canada Highway miles from the fire. Havelock, Salisbury, Petticodiac, Elgin and Riverview Firefighters have a truck shuttle to a near by river on route 112 (old Fredericton Rd) taking water to the farm at 6534 Route 880 which is between Salisbury & Havelock . RCMP have the route 880 shut down so Firetrucks could shuttle the water. The hay was stacked 40 feet high . There is a excavator on site moving the hay so Firefighters can fight the fire. They figure it will be at least until noon hour before they get the fire out. Its been raining all morning very little help to the size of the fire. Video aired at noon on A with Steve Murphy CTV news & Global News@11PM & 2Bh channel 9 Rogers.