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    Firefighers Fight Huge Hay Bale Fire , 2nd North River NB


    by Ray

    Update on Hay Bale Fire... Salisbury Fire Dept was first on scene, when passing over the overpass at the Big Stop and Trans Canada Highway all you could see was a 40 foot high wall of fire at the farm . Firefighters had to spray the excavator so the hydrolic hoses wouldn't burn off. Also lost in the fire a large tractor and bailer. There were 2 other large barns nearby, but they were saved. Fire Departments responding were Salisbury, Havelock, Petitcodiac, Riverview and Elgin along with over 60 firefighters...mostly volunteer and 9 pieces of apparatus. Tanker shuttle operations hauled more than 80,000 gallons of water and firefighters remained on scene until after 10:00 pm. Initial call was at 3:45 am....and person 2 km away reported a glow in the sky...and barn was fully involved on arrival. Owner said there were 3000 bales of hay lost. Video aired on CTV news at 6pm with Steve Murphy.