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    Brunswick Crane Truck ACCIDENT Dieppe Traffic Circle


    by Ray

    Greater Moncton got about 2 cm of snow and it changed to rain around midnight turning the roads into skating rinks. Around 1:30 am this Crane Truck was heading west on Champlain Street turning right onto the Dieppe Traffic Circle didn't make the turn and smashed hard into the concrete dividers. Moncton Fire Department were on scene putting absorb all on the pavement to catch about 30 to 40 liters of fuel that spilled from the truck. The accident took out the whole front end of the truck, needed 2 heavy duty tow trucks to clean up the scene, one for the smashed crane truck and one to carry the front end that was torn off. Public works were on scene to inspect damage and then Department of Transportation were needed , so they could move the highway dividers back in place with heavy equipment. Codiac RCMP had to stay on scene to keep the road safe awaiting the DOT.
    Then about 2:20 am a alleged drunk driver hit a guard rail on Highway 2 by the scales close to Salisbury , District 11 RCMP took care of that scene , once again Department of Transportation was needed. Shortly after that accident another one for District 11 RCMP responded to 2127 Route 112 Upper Coverdale for a woman that went off the road putting her truck facing up in the air. Ambulance heading to that accident from Salisbury was only doing 30km a hour and losing control , another one was sent from the Riverview area. Salisbury Fire department were also sent to the accident, . A woman in her 40's was transported to hospital.
    At 3:57am another 2 vehicle accident on Highway 2 by the Mapleton exit, keeping the RCMP very busy this morning . Tempatures hovering around 0 with the rain on the snow was making for very dangerous driving conditions. Video aired on 2 Bon'heures with Marie-Emma Parenteau TV Rogers.