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    Codiac RCMP arrest 3 on Spruce & Mountain in Moncton


    by Ray

    It didn't take long for Codiac RCMP to find this vehicle. Started off with a theft from the SuperStore on Trinity around 10:40am. Just a few minutes later RCMP had this small car stopped at the corner of Spruce and Mountain Road, searched the trunk to do with the alleged Shopplifting. The male was banging on the windows of the Police car after he was placed inside and was warned to calm down. Then the 2 woman were placed in handcuffs . 1 officer stood by and waited for a tow truck to arrive. 3 people were arrested and taken downtown.
    Video aired on CTV News with Bruce Frisko & 2 Bon'heures with Marie-Emma Parenteau Rogers TV. Video aired friday on Global News with Dave Crase.