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    Codiac RCMP looking for Moose on the Loose Kingswood Park Moncton


    by Ray

    Many 911 calls came into Codiac RCMP just after 9AM this morning for another Moose on the Loose in Kingswood Park in uptown Moncton. I spoke to a resident on Ashley Cres. and he told me that he had just spooked the moose from his back yard . The moose ran through a fence on Laurelle. I caught up to the Moose standing between two homes on Oakmore and before I could get a shot of it , the moose was on the run again . I flagged down a RCMP officer that was driving on Oakmore. 2 RCMP members got out to check behind the homes and the moose then took off south crossing Glencarin and into a patch of woodsby the water tower and newly constructed homes. I also spoke to a man that showed me damage to his truck from the last time a moose was in this area in 07 when it ran into the box of his truck. DNR was also called but like normal never showed up . It was just a young moose, but it was moving very fast compared to most times you see moose in the city . Kingswood Park is the same area where a Bull Moose in fall of 2007 ran through the neighborhood causing alot of damage to fences , vehicles , including a RCMP patrol car windshield . That moose was shot with a tranq gun and hauled off by the neck using a tow truck where it later died from its injuries .