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    GAS LEAK St. George BLVD Moncton


    by Ray

    Construction workers hit a main gas line, causing a high pressure leak, on St. George Blvd at the entrance to MacNaughton High School just after 9 AM this morning. Codiac RCMP responded along with Moncton Fire Department and started blocking down all the roads in the immediate area, setting up a large perimeter. Board of works was needed to bring barricades. The leak was clinched/secured around 9:40 AM. but the roads are still blocked from the Weslynn Church to Wheeler Blvd all 4 lanes while workers take care of the damage. Public was upset not being able to get into a near by day care and homes and businesses in the area. Firefighters were moving the public back to barricades for safety and not letting anyone start there cars in the parking lot next to the leak. NB Power was called and Enbridge gas. Power is now been shut off and at 10:22 AM the road was reopened.
    Video aired on CTV News with Bruce Frisko.