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    Traffic Tie up in Dieppe when 106 yr old woman needs Ambulance


    by Ray

    A van in the middle of the busiest intersection in Dieppe , at Acadia & Champlain, in front of Dieppe City Hall, had traffic tied up in all directions and made for a hard time for the Police to get to the mess, around 1:45pm. A officer directs traffic awaiting a tow truck ,but it was tied up in traffic all the way back to the front of the RCMP station in Moncton. At the same time a Medical call just a few streets away from this intersection on Sunset, for a 106 yr. old woman had Dieppe Fire and Paramedics responding. Major construction to the roads has the traffic tied up in Dieppe a lot this summer with the rebuilding of Paul street in front of the Champlain mall. Traffic like this can make it dangerous for people that need emergency responders & transportation to the hospitals.