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    MUD Body Surfing Firefighters respond Moncton


    by Ray

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    At 12:55PM Engine 2 from the Fire Station on St. George Blvd responding to some teens suppose to be stuck in the mud of the Petticodiac River. Firefighters went to Bond Street and started to search the area, which is just off the Salisbury road in the west end of Moncton. After about a half hour the teens were found down in the Marsh at then end of Dutchill drive ,but they were not stuck in the mud but were body surfing and having a blast on a muggy summer day. Firefighters got them up out of the mud and hosed them down and sent them on there way . This is the area where it used to be called Lake Petticodiac just up from the Causeway flood gates that were opened earlier this year.