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Bald Faced Hornets Nest Beacon Hill Park

5 years ago293 views



Bald faced hornets make those large, almost round nests you can see in trees after the leaves have fallen in winter. In the summer, nests are often hidden by vegetation. When winter comes, they abandon the nest, usually by the first frost. They will build a new one, probably somewhere else, next spring.
The paper-like covering of the nest is made from chewed up wood, cardboard or paper that the workers will form into the outside nest covering. Hornet nests can also be quite colorful as the wasps will gather nest materials from different sources and different color woods.
Nests are generally aerial and they will attach their nests to trees, bushes or sometimes even the side of a structure. Nests that are high in the trees should be left alone.
However, if an active nest is well within your "personal" space and their flyway crosses your paths, you may well want to do something about them.
So is this a sign to buy a snowblower? nest that high in the air can only mean one thing LOTS OF SNOW coming this winter:)