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    HEY CABBY blinker broke & Pink haired beast


    by Ray

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    Driving on Wheeler Blvd on a sunny Sunday afternoon, just playing around with the camera on the dash and when I went to check out what I shot today, noticed this Air cab driver didn't use his directional light to exit the highway. The animal with the Pink hair was at a yard sale and just had to be included in the video, but the audio you hear in the part showing the animal is real, the woman holding the yard sale was talking about hanging up something on a pole, not about hanging up the taxi driver but put the 2 together LOL sirens were added for fun! CABBY USE YOUR BLINKERS or you never know when a pink money might hang you from your legs. No animals or taxi drivers were injured in the making of this video!!! and before you say it YES it was a slow Newsday in the HUBCITY. The yard sale was also yesterday and the video was shot just after I shot the taxi video, by the way the woman had a few offers to sell the pink haired beast, with the highest offer being $50.00 (Canadian), but that was before its debut on Youtube so now its got to be worth more!