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    Abortion The American Holocaust


    by gospeloutreach1

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    What a sinful disgrace is upon the American people. No one, man or woman, has the right to choose murdering children. Millions of children murdered in their mother's womb, all in the name of the law, while if it were puppy dogs and panda bears being aborted in this manner, people would be protesting in the streets. Regardless of what you believe, there is a Creator, who rules right and wrong in our world. We are the creation and we are all responsible to our Creator. Abortion is just one of America's sins that is bringing judgment from God, there are many others. 50 to 100 million children in America and 1 billion worldwide. We truly live in a murderous generation. God's wrath is upon us. Economic catastrophes are coming. Please be advised of the content being graphic, but real. If you are thinking of aborting your child, don't do it, regardless of the lies being propagated by the ungodly, you are murdering your own child and you will regret it the rest of your life. If you've had an abortion, God is a forgiving God. Regardless of all the religions in the world today, there is only ONE way unto forgiveness and eternal life. That way is Jesus Christ, who is God in the flesh. Trust in Him today and all your sins, all your failures, all your mistakes will be wiped clean and He will remember your sin no more. Please visit my website at If you're a hurting woman because of abortion and you need to talk, email me from my website and leave your number and I will call you. There is forgiveness in Jesus, even when you can't forgive yourself.