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    Heat: Niki Lauda vs James Hunt

    Michael West

    by Michael West

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    My Darling,
    I have not yet seen this film....I missed it in the cinema...
    I have to see it on Demand.....
    Have you seen House of Cards yet?????? It is SENSATIONAL!
    By Genia2 years ago
    Michael West
    Strangely, the "Ring" in '74 felt a lot like the Pikes Peak Hillclimb (camping out on the circuit, partying with the international racing crowd, and spectators standing inches from the cars) - we're catching the end of an era on Pikes Peak, too, and I'm so glad you had a chance to experience it before it was totally paved. Luv ya, and I'm stoked for nationals and the hillclimb! The board should release the new date this Tuesday.
    By Michael West4 years ago
    I can't believe how incredible this video came out!
    It's a miracle he survived! And I'm glad you walked away scot-free.
    You have captured the 70s feel of racing that I missed.
    I'm absolutely entranced.
    By WelderBarbie4 years ago
    Michael West
    Darling Genia,

    Recently, a high pressure fuel line on my car blew while I was at speed, and with fuel spraying all over my hot engine, my first thought was of Niki's infamous crash at "The Ring", and that if he could survive, so could I. No damage done in my case, and no fire ;->

    James Hunt was Crazysexy, while Niki Lauda was the Iceman, and hopefully this video captures the contrast between their life styles, and their racing styles. Blue Oyster Cult's "Dont Fear The Reaper" was released in 1976, the same year Niki's crash occurred, and could have been written about Formula 1: "Don't fear the reaper, we'll be able to fly"...

    Kisses from your very own crazysexy daredevil,
    Yours, Michael
    By Michael West4 years ago
    My Dear Michael,
    These guys are daredevils, I cannot believe that Lauda survived and later came in fourth.
    Very exciting video. Sure gets the adrenalin up.
    By Genia4 years ago