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    Barn Collasped HIGH WINDS overnight


    by Ray

    A barn collapsed last night on Route 106 Salisbury Road just on the outskirts of Moncton. The woman inside her home heard a noise and when she went outside to see what it was, she found a barn that is not hers fell into a fenced in area for her 3 dogs, that they had just built. The barn stood on a small piece of land next to hers, the only thing on the property, Petticodiac River in the background. She had a couple of pictures on her computer where you could see before shots of the barn still standing. The barn owner was notified of what happened. High winds last night had Fire Departments in rural areas and the city quite busy with trees falling on power lines and catching trees on fire. Long waits for NB Power crews,because so many calls were backed up. Part of the lead story on CTV News at noon with Steve Murphy on A. Video aired on Global news with Rebecca Lau.