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    Finish Line Mud Bogs Pollett River Run 2011


    by Ray

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    Weather forecast was showers, but that didn't stop the Pollett River Run from going forward. There were many homemade boats and rafts, canoes, whatever would make it down the river to where the mud bogs take place, and was it muddy after a week of rain. There was many District 11 R.C.M.P. in the area, with road blocks set up , seen a lot of beer dumped out and a few tow trucks were called to the area. Off road enforcement also had a trail block happening as there were many many ATV's, but once the people got into the mud bog area Police didn't go into that area.Last thing I heard about the run is 6 girls had another girl beating her up in a field just after midnight. 2:23 A.M. R.C.M.P. responded to a call at the Pollett River Run for a assault , possibly involving a knife. R.C.M.P. won't go in the field so it's hard for them to deal with the calls, Police want the people to leave. More and more calls are coming in to the R.C.M.P. for the area of the run 2:46 A.M. 4 wheelers and vehicles blocking the exit of the field . Be sure and look for 12 other videos I shot of the fun times at the 2011 River run and mud bogs.
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