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    Man arrested Truck hits Power Pole


    by Ray

    Codiac R.C.M.P. were looking for a truck that had a possible drunk driver that had left the Elmwood Drive liquor store just before 1 P.M. and not long after a off duty R.C.M.P. Officer came upon this accident on Pleasant Street in Lewisville. A 1/4 ton Truck hit a power pole and cracked the pole. A male was arrested at the scene, alleged that he was drinking and driving, and was read his rights and transported to the Police Station and a breath tech was needed. Tow truck arrived but had to wait for NB Power before moving the truck away from the pole. 2 other R.C.M.P. members were needed to completely block off Pleasant at Mill Road and at Lewisville road because of the danger to the public in case the pole broke.
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