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    The "FRAMPTON FREEWAY" problem


    by Ray

    A woman on my facebook contacted me asking if I could help and this is what she said...."First let me say, I'm a big fan of all your youtube videos, great job!
    I would like to invite you to come to my house and experience the morning traffic on Frampton Lane. Or as we refer to it....Frampton Freeway! There are a lot of children that get on the school bus along this street. People that don't actually live in the subdivision use this street in the morning as a detour to avoid Mountain Road congestion. BUT the big story is the speed......I have seen cars go by doing well over 70 kms/hour. Many of us have contacted RCMP to do something but it hasn't improved.
    I would love to video these speeders and post them on youtube....and maybe even get the media on the story. It's really only a matter of time before some one gets hit and killed by one of these speeders.

    Hoping you can help...

    When the vehicles seen the camera this morning they were really slowing down, one of the woman that I met about shooting this was walking back home from where the bus picks up her child and she said every car once they spotted me hit there brakes !!
    Hoping that Codiac R.C.M.P. might be able to set up radar in this area during the problem hours, and that City Hall could also look into the problem. The woman contacted City Hall and they told her they would set up a traffic study......
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