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    Cooking=3 Firetrucks arriving


    by Ray

    Fire Alarm on Hows this evening just before 8 P.M. in the West End of Moncton. When I first arrived there were a couple of people standing outside and a alarm audible, but no Firetrucks, didn't make sense to me because just down the hill on Milner & St. George Blvd. is a Fire station, so I drove back down to the Blvd. and 2 Firetrucks coming lights and sirens from another station....ended up being some cooking that went wrong and 2 trucks cleared and 1 stayed to talk to the residents of the home. Is the Fire Station on the Blvd. just for training now ?? Just a false alarm , some kids got a kick out of the Firefighters giving a honk of the horns as they were leaving.