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    Condo Fire Fully Engulfed-Sunny Brae


    by Ray

    Moncton Fire, Codiac R.C.M.P. and N.B. Ambulance responded to a Condo Fire on Joyce Ave this afternoon just after 2 P.M. Once Firefighters arrived 2 units were fully engulfed with flames shooting out of the roof of the structure. A person on scene told me that it was a propane tank on a BBQ that exploded. Firefighters were spraying water and foam on the blaze, you could feel the heat from meters away.The owner of the Condo was on scene sitting in a lawn chair, he had only a pair of shorts on and managed to grab his laptop and phone. R.C.M.P. had Joyce blocked off and N.B. Power was shutting off the power to the building. You could see black smoke from uptown ,and the Fire was in Sunny Brae area of Moncton. Other Fire trucks and off duty Firefighters were still arriving at 2:30 P.M. and Riverview Fire was on standby in case mutual aid was needed. Fire was under control at 3:10 P.M. but many Firefighters are still on scene and just found a pet hiding in a box spring, wet but alright just before 5 P.M.