Dollar-R DJ


by avajra

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Wolosso Azoubaguehi Dollar-R DJ


a soupagehi ohhhhhhh! wo wo wo wo wo wo wo mbanguo de!
By dolorescia 8 years ago
Cette chanson est trop jolie
By bresciano1982 8 years ago
Wonderful choice......ILooooooOOOOOOVE
Yeeeeeeaaaaah my precious great work
Big Huggs for You and thanks K'SWML
By Shakura 8 years ago
yes i move too..must do tress in the hairs..hooo niiiice i will make a beauty girl^^wml..thanks and yes rude weather..same we share much love to good fire:-)))see you later rest you well SWEETKISSESWML
By Shakura 8 years ago
Good morning Shakura, very cold with wind here today...
So rude weather sametime^^...hHAa!
I move.. Not enough sleep, much to do today, I get car and all work to do that..

If you want poste anime POSTE it PLEASE, Yes OK.......
Too much to do today, so I see you later, I try!!!
Beautiful Romantique poetry for YOUHUGS and sweetsweetKIsseswmljrx
By avajra 8 years ago
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