RCMP looking for Robbery Stabbing Suspect n Trailer Park


by Ray

Many Codiac R.C.M.P. Officers responded to a call on Pioneer for a male not wanted in one of the trailers around 9 A.M. this morning. Turns out it is the same male that Police are looking for that was involved in a alleged robbery /stabbing at Needs on Mapleton Road last night. The male has a wound to the face in his early 20's managed to get away last night on a bicycle and this morning took off on foot from Pioneer in a trailer park in uptown Moncton. Police have set up a perimeter and dog man has been called to the area. Police stopped a male running through Pier 1 imports but wasn't the male they were looking for but he was arrested because of warrants, then Police checked another male on Mapleton Road and that wasn't the male they were looking for. Police broke off perimeter just before 10 A.M.
UPDATE The Male Police were looking for has just been arrested at a nearby trailer! Great job by Codiac RCMP
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