Firefighters going the wrong way to Fire Alarm at Motel


by Ray

Moncton Fire responded to a Fire alarm just before 12 Noon at the Restwell Motel just off the Homestead Road. Engine 2 Tanker 2 and Engine 5 ended up going the wrong way once reaching Berry's Mills. I called Codiac RCMP dispatch center to let them know of the mistake and spoke directly with the dispatcher that was talking to Firefighters and he didn't even let them know of what I told him. Firefighters said they reached a motel and said it wasn't the right place and that Engine 5 turned around in the other direction, still the dispatcher didn't tell them what I told him. Once Engine 5 was on scene the other 2 trucks responded. Firefighters went inside a couple of rooms but everything was ok and 2 of the units were released. Lucky it was just a false alarm. #32 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Reporters - Canada
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