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    Bomb squad Robot detonated package at Bank Moncton


    by Ray

    R.C.M.P. bomb squad arrived around 9:15 am with a robot, Employees were told to leave the building.
    A bomb squad member and a robot were seen entering the bank branch and a package was removed and brought out to the parking lot and was detonated around 11 am . Moncton Fire and NB Ambulance were on stand by in the parking lot.
    Street was reopened at 12:15 pm after being shut down shortly after 8 am between Moncton & Dieppe, Traffic was rerouted through the Superstore parking lot.
    R.C.M.P. will be releasing more details later today.
    Update=Codiac RCMP say the suspicious package they blew up this morning contained fireworks and a powdered milk substitute. Free Police Fire and Ambulance SCANNER, listen in , shoot it , upload it , and watch the discussion, be sure and invite Friends & Family to Newschaser Group...just click on the little speakers to the left opens in new window, listen to 1 or all 4 at once. Thanks to Jeremy Quillian let's see if he can hit number 1 in North America for most listeners AGAIN :)