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    Children's Wooden Toys - Shape Shifter


    by respitecare101


    Shape Shifter
    The Shape Shifter is based on a good, old-fashioned puzzle. These solid wooden blocks will provide hours of fun as they teach kids about geometric shapes and also improve their spatial reasoning abilities. The bottom row of blocks allows kids to shift and change them around so they can form the different shapes that they see in the top two rows.

    The blocks on top can then be placed in the spaces created, giving kids instant feedback as to whether or not they got the shape right. The challenge comes in combining the blocks to properly form the shapes seen in the top rows. This is the best way to learn -- by trial and error.

    The blocks themselves are fairly plain so that there are few distractions from learning about the shapes, and there are no clues as to how to put the shapes together. Non-toxic and too big to swallow, these blocks also suit younger children.