Blue Lagoon: The Awakening - Part 3

Dana Rimons

by Dana Rimons

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Emma and Dean are two high school students on a class trip to Trinidad. The two have little in common. During a boat party, Emma falls overboard when the party is interrupted by a police raid. Dean jumps in the water to save her. While the pair drifts in a dinghy to a deserted island, their parents desperately search for them. Wondering if they will ever be rescued, Emma and Dean must rely on each other to survive and they eventually create a bond.


thank you thank you thank you thank you SOOO much for posting these vids. I
By Gabester8793 2 years ago
Good Movie
By Dusty Clemmons Woods 2 years ago
i can not believe they got what-his-name from the original to be in it!
By peajay pollock 3 years ago
Whats the song when Dean and Emma are dancing in the rain????
By dm_4fdf875e71e31 3 years ago
YES :) Part 4 is the last part it should be up real soon.
By Dana Rimons 3 years ago
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