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    Survival: Le Mans 2012 Crash

    Michael West

    by Michael West

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    Michael West
    Darling Genia, I almost posted this one on the Audi channel, but it would have felt like gloating, since Audi's came in 1, 2, 3, and 5 at LeMans this year, so I linked it to one of my motorsports channels, and voila! 16K views. I posted this because for a while there was very little coverage of this high speed shunt, and am thrilled that all the drivers are OK. Modern motorsports safety is a wonderful thing.

    Toyota is making a serious comeback in racing this year - in racing, if your standing still and resting on your laurels, you're actually going backwards. The Toyota was highly competitive at LeMans this year against the Audis.

    Thank you darling, for your lovely channel and videos - every time I watch one of your videos, my day gets a little better. Thank you for keeping romance alive.

    Yours, always, with kisses -
    By Michael West4 years ago
    I just left a comment and it disappeared. :-(
    By Genia4 years ago
    Oh MY GOD!
    They both survived. I am amazed that a Toyota competed with a Ferrari. Toyotas must be getting better.
    Love the video..
    By Genia4 years ago