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    Borat on ABC News on Australian Televisi

    Bilak Sagdiyev

    Bilak Sagdiyev

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    A womans tell that Borat is lude, crude, racist and sexist. He come to Australia to promote his movie films - a satirical look at America.

    Borat a naive reporter from Kazakhstan. He sexist, racist and homophobic.

    While audiences can't get enough of him, American victims of his humour new film are not amused and some are taking law suits.

    A veteran feminist Lindsa Stein says that he makes people look like jerks.

    Between insults Borat told Australian journalists of his adventures in gay Sydney night club.
    There were 200 men dancing, no shirt on, very strong, muscular and only ONE womans! And who did she choose? She choose Borat! Ladies like Borat very much! Borat has had syphilis 15 times!

    Borat say that he hope to receive Oscar for the best anti-jewish film. Although there is of course very stiff competition from Melvin Gibson!

    Borat film is described as hilarious and offensive.

    More Borat life with family and his son Bilak: