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    Menchi's Anime Double Take 2


    by Daiguard

    Greetings Everyone,

    Menchi continues his new Anime Fandub Project with the 2nd Double Take

    Youtube took it down yonks ago, and my original copy/project dissapeared after some laptop failures, so here it is again, kinda remixed ^^

    So a Double Take is Two Anime Clips, Back to Back with the same Cast

    Features Gravion and Daiguard: Terrestrial Defense Corp

    Gravion Cast:

    Eiji: P3RFECT
    Toga: BobbyThong
    Luna: Merchant
    Ena: MoChan
    Mizuki: KazeChan
    Raven: Menchi
    Brigitta: Ayumi-Chan
    Anya: Scarlotte

    Daiguard Cast:

    Shunsuke Akagi: Menchi
    Ibuki Momoi: KazeChan
    Keiichirou Aoyama: P3RFECT
    Noriko Ooyama: Scarlotte
    Shizuka Irie: Merchant
    Chiaki Nakahara: Ayumi-Chan
    Fuuka Tanigawa: MoChan
    Shinya Yokozawa: P3RFECT
    Ooyama's Mother: Merchant
    Newsreader: BobbyThong

    Music and SFX -

    Baldurs Gate OST
    Gravion Zwei OST
    SFX from Hard Drive

    Mixed by Menchi

    Stay Tuned for the 3rd Episode